Online Strategy

Think of this moment right now as a puzzle. You have half the pieces – including the big idea, the organisation, and the people to make it happen. We have the other half of them – the tech expertise, online marketing know-how, and a full-blown digital agency to cover everything. Put them together and you have one thing – Winning. That’s what winning is.

Our online strategy consulting services are designed to develop and implement a long-term, sustainable, and disruptive online strategy for your business. We’re also there every step of the way to ensure your organisation is getting the absolute maximum out of the strategies and online tools we provide and implement.

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Web Development

You know that website you saw in your inbox the other day, that you opened, then said to yourself, “I really wish my business had something like that”. Well – that day has come.

At GearTooth, we build and maintain game-changing mobile responsive websites and web-apps that showcase your business to its full potential. But don’t let the amazing visual experience dazzle you alone – our backend infrastructures are built to handle enterprise-level traffic, and help you learn about your customers, provide you in depth analytics, and convert more customers.

I want an awesome site


Having a show-stopper website is quite an achievement, but it’s just the first step when it comes to growth. And because online marketing is so saturated now, pumping out reams of content and hammering your Facebook page no longer cuts it. Instead, you need to be running and measuring disruptive, lean, tech-heavy marketing campaigns – a luxury usually reserved for tech start-ups in Silicon Valley. NOT ANYMORE!

At GearTooth, we’ll work with you to formulate an online growth strategy along with marketing campaigns, then help you implement them, and convert bucket loads of customers.

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Technical Servicing

Being online 24/7 is critical. From small bug fixing and technical tasks, to fixing existing systems, all the way to large server migrations – we’ve got you covered no matter what the challenge! Leave the tech-talk to us!

Assistance please!

It's time to
Gear up
your business

We’re an all-in-one digital agency based down here in Melbourne. We’ve assembled some of the best coders, designers, business consultants, and marketing strategists in the country – which means delivering above expectations is a normal everyday experience when working with us.

Making businesses grow is in our blood. It’s what we live for. It’s even how we relax (sounds weird I know). And you can probably guess from reading this far that we don’t rest until we get results. Sure, we do appreciate the (affordable) quotes and invoices for the work we do – but your project is much more than that to us – it’s a matter of pride, an irrational and unstoppable pursuit for perfection, and the thrill of building something truly amazing that both you, your customers and our team will remember for many years to come.

We take a data-centric approach to every decision we make when working with you on your business. We also operate on the lean business methodology, and we’re constantly evaluating and iterating how we operate to make sure we’re at the cutting edge as an organisation, and fully prepared to make it happen for you and your business in every way possible. So give us a call, and let’s get your business GEARED UP!